It has been more than a month since the launch of firefox3 and I have been using firefox3 since then. I am explaining my experiences with firefox3 (FF3). The things I liked most about FF3 and the things I disliked about FF3.

Things I liked:

1) Smart Keywords: This is an amazing feature. Using this, you can assign a key to each of your search engines and then whenever you want to search something in a particular search engine just type the key corresponding to that search engine and the text you want to search in location bar. I love this feature the most and believe me that I hardly type anything in search engine field in FF3. Example: Say I assign 'G' to google so now if I want to search 'akash' in google, I just need to type "G akash" in my location bar.

2) Find: The find feature appears in a keystroke. Search for a word or phrase on an open Web page. Highlight text before using the feature and finder opens pre-filled with your selection. See all instances of your search at once, or scroll backwards and forwards through the appearances of the word on the page.

3) Multi-location copy: Now you can copy text from multiple location in your new FF3 browser. What all you need to do is to hold the Ctrl key whenever you want to select text from a new location.

4) Smart Location Bar: A quick way to get to the sites you love—even the ones with addresses you only vaguely remember. The new Firefox 3 location bar learns as you use it. Over time, it adapts to your preferences and offers better fitting matches.

There are many more new features, which make your life easier. It's not possible to explain everything here. Please find it here.

Things I disliked:

1) One-Click Bookmarking: There is nothing to dislike about but I didn't like it. May be because, even if I bookmark a site by single-click on the star icon in the location bar, I never get it in bookmarks. Though the site is bookmarked and always show as bookmarked, I am not able to find it in my bookmarks.

2) Download Manager: Now you can pause and resume your downloads and this feature means there’s no need to wait for a download to finish before you disconnect. They claim that the resume function also works if your system crashes or is forced to restart. But unfortunately it doesn't work even in single session and always gives error like following even if I pause and play.

3) Flash support Issue: I love browsing youtube and watch video over there. Unfortunately, Since the time I upgraded to FF3 from FF2, I have to open IE for watching youtube videos as FF3 never shows them properly. Either it takes too much time to render and or it doesn't provide any voice in them. It always hangs with a video or I should say any good heavy flash object. The issue with flash is a major issue with FF3.

4) Favicon Issue: Though it may seem a very small issue, it is an issue with FF3. FF3 plays with the favicons especially with those favicons which you have bookmarked. For example I have bookmarked and it shows google favicon. But whenever I open any new site with another favicon, bookmark starts showing this new favicon until I open gmail again.

5) Add-ons: I upgraded to FF3 on the cost of all those cool add-ons, I used frequently with FF2. Though they all will come sooner with FF3 but till then I need to live without them, which is not a good idea for me.