We are hoping to establish a world record (NOT official Guinness) by assembling the world's largest jigsaw puzzle in record time. The puzzle is called "Life - The Greatest Challenge", has 24,000 pieces and measures 14'x5'.

The record, we want to go for, is the least time to assemble (including sorting) by a group. The target initially is a very aggressive 24 hrs. To this end, We have formed a team of hardcore jigsaw enthusiasts who are interested in this quest. These individuals are prepared to work through the entire 24 hrs, with minimal time for sleep/food/phone/other diversions. If we succeed, we will be the first documented group to complete the puzzle from India as well as the fastest group to complete worldwide. Prior documented efforts have all been a few weeks at best to many months.

We are deliberately not aiming for a Guinness record (due to their stringent requirements), but we'll definitely secure a place in the hall of fame. See more about the puzzle and check out the hall of fame at http://www.worldslargestpuzzle.com.

Here is a sample puzzle if you guys are interested...