Half an hour back, our family was stuck with TV as RAMAYAN was being telecasted on NDTV-Imagine. Since Mom n Dad are in town so we all were in front of TV that time. Though I say that I don't watch TV serials and all, it felt good to see those religious serial after a long time. I can easily remember that when I was a kid, there was a lull on streets, markets and everywhere in the city on Sunday morning between 9-10 AM as RAMAYAN or MAHABAHARAT were being telecasted. families were stuck with their television sets and nobody wanted to miss that. Seriously, that was a good time coz everyone shared a moment of togetherness and happiness. Now a days, there are very few moments that too on special occasions, when all the family members can sit together.

That was not the point of this post. Actually today the scene, which was there on the TV, was that Sugreev's brother Baali killed Dundubhi ((son of Maya Daanav, and brother of Mandodaree) in Matang Muni's Aashram, that is why he gave a SHRAAP to Baali that he and his monkeys could not enter his Aashram. And that is why Sugreev used to hide there with his four ministers. In all this, I noticed that though we always get teachings from our elders to be calm and cool but if we look at these old Hindu Mythology gurus they were never calm and cool in their doings. A smallest possible notorious element was enough to turn them red. There are a lot of other instances in Hindu Mythology when these gurus have lost their calm.

We can take the examples of Muni Durvasa (our angry young Muni), Shringi Rishi, Bhrigu rishi and many others. Even lord Hanuman is not an exception of being cursed by these Rishis. Though these old epics and other mythological literature teach us a lot of good things, that also teach us that becoming angry is not bad.