These days, I'm spending a lot of time watching TV. Whenever I watch TV, good commercials attract me more than the crap they show in daily soaps or reality shows. Movies attract me but every time I switch to any movie channel, I stumble upon an already seen movie. I enjoy those stand-up comedy shows a lot and second comes good commercial.

Out of all these commercials, telco always have an upper hand on most of other companies. Be it Airtel or Vodafone or even the new player Virgin Mobile, they always offer some quality stuff on Indian television to see. Though some telco like BSNL and Tata Indicom also offering commercial which are nothing more than a crap but still telecom majors make commercial worth watching. Since last few months, I noticed that Vodafone is showing some very good commercials. Especially their value added serviced advertisements as well as customer care commercials. In addition to new funny and enjoyable commercial Vodafone is cashing the publicity of old recognized pug of Hutch in their commercials.

I am embedding some nice Vodafone commercial in past few months. Hope you will also enjoy that a lot.

VAS (value added services) commercials:

Customer care commercials (cashing pug row):

General feel good Commercials:

Yesterday I saw a new MPTY (multi-party) call commercial, that too amused me a lot. Other than this, I liked a floaters commercial which features old Indian song "Aaj kal paon Zameen par nahi padte mere". The ad is so beautifully composed that I can't resist myself from praising it. But unfortunately, I couldn't get a video for these two commercials on Youtube or somewhere else.