always brings the best articles about useful and innovative information for designers and web-developers. It makes us aware about the latest trends and techniques in web-development - clearly, precisely and regularly. This time Smashing Magazine brings a competition for everyone called "Guest Author Contest". What all you need to do is to write a small guest article for Smashing Magazine and win one of dozens of attractive prizes waiting for you. Actually their aim is to find the writers who can work with them even after competition and get properly paid for their work.

There are mainly two categories they are looking for:

  1. A short discussion article
  2. Useful and beautiful top-10-lists
The guidelines are as follows:

1. A short discussion article:
  • it should have between 450 and 1200 characters (yes, characters, not words; space characters and HTML are not included in 450-1200 characters),
  • it may be controversial and subjective, but it should not be boring,
  • it may present some idea, approach or remark about recent developments, but you need to argue well and explain your position properly,
  • it should have a valid HTML-markup.
2. Useful and beautiful top-10-lists
  • an exciting and eye-catching headline,
  • a quick yet attractive introduction (usually 2-4 sentences),
  • 10 list items with a brief description (usually 1-2 sentences) and with links if necessary,
  • at least 2 images or screenshots (if it is impossible to make screenshots or find images for your topic ignore this condition),
  • it should have a valid HTML-markup.
And now it is the time of prizes on the stack. The best guest post will be determined by the editorial team and will be awarded with Apple MacBook Air. Apart from that the places 2-5 will be awarded with attractive designer laptop sleeves and bags. And the places 6-10 will be awarded with design and web-development related books.

Last date for submitting entries is 5th of August 2008. So if you are crazy about the latest trends in graphic designs and know something that can add to other's skill, it's the time to cash your knowledge. Come on and tell the world about your secrets and knowledge.