Firstly I'm sorry for posting after a long time (8 days gap, which isn’t my habit). This post is about my experience at Dr. Batra’s clinic. Actually, I am suffering from hair loss and my parents and friends comments made it more severe for me… Furthermore I’m not doing anything to prevent it. I have been asked again and again regarding precautionary measures to prevent hair loss and this does nothing but adds to my frustration as if I’m a hair loss expert and know everything to prevent it. Also some well-wishers asked me to visit doctor (especially Dr. Batra’s, who is considered as specialist in this case) to take care of it but I never gave my ears to them as I don't like to visit doctors.

When after multiple efforts of these well-wishers, I didn’t end up going to any doctor; one of my school friends, who is also suffering from same problem, referred me to Dr. Batra’s as he was already taking some treatment from there. This was the time when it all started, Dr. Batra’s guys were after my life as if they were CBI and I am a CRIMINAL. Last Tuesday, I got first call from their clinic that Mr. Rohit has recommended you to us and you will get an initial consultation absolutely free. Though I refused, they called again and again and finally I was ready to visit them Thursday evening. But as I mentioned that I am more than reluctant of going such places so I didn’t go there. I thought that it was over but on very next day, I got another call from them and was asked my reason for not being there, I throw an excuse and then I was offered another date. Even after my refusal, I got another call on Saturday and that also when I was out of the city (attending calls on roaming is the last thing I want to do). So I promised them to meet a doctor on Monday. I landed at Dr. Batra’s Noida clinic on Monday and waited for around 30 mins. Generally I don’t like to wait but I was ready for this because it happens at clinics and hospitals. There also I noticed the funny things like a doctor coming out of his cabin and requesting/forcing the receptionist to give his patient as much discount as possible. I suddenly started seeing a sales season in a doctor's attire. Later I came to know that they used to give discount to everyone who comes to them. This is a very nice funda now days, first overprice the thing (treatment in this case) and then show your generosity by giving discount.

Finally I entered doctor’s cabin and stunned to see the same doctor who was requesting/forcing the receptionist to give his patient as much discount as possible. I warmly shook hands which was responded equally. Now just after asking that how long I am facing this problem and how many hairs fall in a day (which I had no account), he declared that I am having the problem of excessive DHT and explained me the entire plan. I was listening to him as reluctantly as I could and just after he finished I was asked if I wanted to take the plan (they call treatment as plan), which include some medicines some laser test and other tests. I simply said,” Not right now, I will think on this and will let you know” and his face was worth seeing. I left the cabin right then and again offered my hand for a hand shake but this time I got a loose hand in return.

So this wasn’t the end of the story, I got call from some doctor there yesterday and asked about the feedback. When I gave him not an encouraging feedback, he offered me to have a talk with some senior doctor and get some test absolutely free of cost. But this time I was cautious and say a clear NO and I already had the feedback of Dr. Batra’s from many people.
For all those who are suffering from hair loss, here are some tips (I don’t follow any of these :D). Actually another well wisher forwarded me a mail which has been circulated in his company having more than 2000 people and contained a consolidated feedback of people regarding hair loss treatment.

  • Minoxidil 5%, aka Mintop: It's an FDA approved medicine and can be applied on the hair every day.
  • Finastride - a tab which can be used to curb hair loss.
  • Dr. Batra's hasn't worked for anybody! When it comes to hair-loss treatments, I'm convinced it's a scam.
  • Dr Rudresh from Bangalore was a recommendation and scalp-tone tabs were recommended.
Other things that worked for people:
  • Get head shaved a couple of times, use onion, lemon, ginger and garlic on the scalp
  • An oil from VLCC worked well for one respondent who says it's worked for other people he knows too.
  • Brihan's Jas Red available at a Health & Glow outlet. Also apply white onion extracts on scalp for 20 mins.
  • Follicles clinic has been recommended. It's near Panjagutta, phone number 23415737
Life style:
  • High protein diet
  • Exercise
  • Less stress at work
  • Less work!
Diet and other specific tips:
  • Increase green vege intake and avoid coffee.
  • Avoid smoking if you smoke
  • Don't wear helmets directly if you drive a bike.
Etc, etc.