Like my last post, this post is again going to contain some videos. This is not regarding commercials but stand-up comedies. I found some amazing clips of "The Great Indian Laughter Challenge" and "Comedy Circus". All these episodes feature Kuldeep Dubay and after watching these videos, I am sure that you will start appreciating his talent. He is basically a mimicry actor with a great sense of humor. Though Mimicry artists always have an upper hand in stand-up comedy shows but Kuldeep Dubay is just awesome. Have a look at the below videos and enjoy.

PS: You are supposed to know Hindi and also a little about Bollywood personalities in first video.

The Great Indian Laughter Challenge clips:

Rastriya Shadi (National Marriage):

Bubba Ali:

Comedy Circus clips: This clips is a very good spoof of those programs, which are dubbed from English to Hindi. Simply hilarious...