Everyday, we meet people who have different perception about things happening in daily life. Some of the most humorous conversations happen when two persons treat a neutral object as masculine or feminine (especially in HINDI). You can find arguments about their gender at many places; these arguments are generally part of office humor, lunch table discussions, TP/BC among friends. Find some related arguments listed below:

1) GUSSA aata hai ya aati hai?

2) DAHI achcha hai ya achchi hai?

3) TV kharaab ho gaya ya TV kharaab ho gayi?

4) MAZA aa gaya ya maza aa gayi?

5) CHOCOLATE achcha hai ya achchi hai?

6) MOOD kharaab ho gaya ya mood kharaab ho gayi?

7) Uska BIRTHDAY to last week tha ya uski b'day to last week thi?

If you encounter with other similar objects, whose gender is under scrutiny, please list in comments.

PS: I wrote this post after reading a tweet from Sakhi.