Hmm, interesting title, isn't it??? Now days, I'm busy in collecting luck from every possible way. But still feeling unlucky :-( Reason?...Actually no reason but the feeling of being lucky isn't coming its way.

Look at the picture of the 10 rupee note above; did you notice anything special in this? If you didn't, please read the serial number once again and consider last 3 digits..."786"...but what's the big deal in this. Actually, some days back, I was in the market to have some snacks and gave this note to the seller. To my surprise that person asked me if I want to keep this note with me and showed me the number on this. Though I don't believe on all this but there is never a harm in keeping this note with me.

Many of you might know that 786 have a religious significance in Islaam. On googling, I found that what is special with this number and various articles stating that. Many of those saying that this number have a certain respect in Islaam and believe that 786 stands for BISMILLAAHIR RAHMAANIR RAHEEM b'coz adding the corresponding Arabic numbers for each letter in first verse of the Quraan gives a result as 786. Many others think that it doesn't add up to 786 but 787.

In Hindu mythology, '786' is an aggregation of the numbers of Hindu 'Lord Hari Krishna'. Mathematically, 786 might be the largest n for which the value of the central binomial coefficient 2n(C)n is not divisible by an odd prime squared.

Though, in many movies this number has been cashed on religious values, does it have any significance in actual. Also, if it has that significance, why it is only for this number? We can form millions of numbers by adding corresponding digits in any religious name or verse.

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