Last week I saw "Kung Fu Panda" and want to say that I loved it. I have already seen it twice... Hats off to Dreamworks Animation for this amazing creation. The amazing use of 3D graphics amazed me and I bet that anyone who adores animation will love this a lot. After this I watched "Shrek II" as I was threatened for life for not watching it. But honestly, I couldn't appreciate Shrek as much I did Panda. "Kung Fu Panda" includes voices from best of Hollywood celebrities like Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Jackie Chan, Lucy Liu and many others.

It was the perfect blend of comedy, heart, and action, all necessary elements in a successful and great animation film. The voice of Randall for Master Oogway gave an perfect touch to the character. Also I liked the characters of Shifu, Po and Tai Lung the most. The plot of the story is not so new and seems like an old Chinese story based on Kung Fu but graphics and voices did a near perfect job. No doubt that this is the best animation flick of 2008 or should I say best animation flick till date.