13th May 2008: 7 serial blasts in Jaipur
25th June 2008: 8 serial blasts in Bangalore
26th June 2008: 17 serial blasts in Ahmadabad with one live bomb diffused
27th July 2008: 2 bombs diffused in Surat

What all these figures are telling us? These figures are telling that India is once again in the custody of terrorists. The blasts are very similar in terms of method of execution and in the terms of intensity. The blasts targeted crowded, economically important and communally volatile areas. In all the three cities, the explosions took place within a short span of time and within a radius of less than 10 km, perhaps to minimize reaction time. And also look at the guts of these bloody terrorists that they sent an e-mail to Gujrat Police just before the blast. The mail read, “We the Indian Mujahideen have carried out attacks and will continue to do so. Stop us if you can.

One more thing to notice is that these terrorist attacks are targeted to BJP ruled states only. Also Jagadguru Sankaracharya received a letter from terrorists. The letter read “This is just a trailer; we will show the complete movie. The scenes will the same in every city of India.” So we can’t neglect the possibility that the aim of attacks is much more than to just cause some deaths and panic. It may also result in communal riots all over the country, which may be the main aim of terrorists. If they are successful in their aim then it will hollow the main strength of the country (UNITY).

Below is a picture, which shows the major terrorist attack in India in recent time.

Let’s promise ourselves not to panic and take any step, which these terrorist want. We need to remain unite as ever and reply to these terrorists that whatever you do, you can never divide us. Let’s show them that we are a country which respects all the religions and no anti-social power can divide us.