If you are not happy with specific search results on Google but like the results on Yahoo or MSN or the other way round then SCOUR is for you. It is built on the top of Google, Yahoo and MSN and shows the best of all these search engines. What it does is that that it fetches search results from Google, Yahoo and MSN and shows them on a single page. Scour doesn't only combine results from all these search engines but also tell you the page rank on particular search engine. Also, you can sort results on the basis of search engine.

There are some more things Scour is offering other than combining results from Google, Yahoo and MSN. It allows users to comment on search results and to rate results (thumbs up and thumbs down). See this DEMO for more information. Now, if above all doesn't create enough incentive for you then there are reward points which you can redeem as VISA gift cards. You can also increase your social network by interacting with other Scour users having the same interest. Not only this but you will also get reward points if you refer your friends to Scour. You will get 25% of your referral's points.

You earn the following number of points for each action:

  • 1 = Search
  • 2 = Vote
  • 3 = Comment
and these points will be cashed as:
  • 25,000 = $100
  • 12,500 = $50
  • 6,500 = $25
But there are some drawbacks also as image search is not as good as in Google or in other search engines. Also you don't have all the above features in case of image and video search. So If you are searching for images or videos, count on your old search engine but for all text searches Scour is here. So what are you waiting for...GO SOCIAL, GO SCOUR...