Now a days, what I love most on the TV is FEAR FACTOR on COLORS. The show is a true reality show that doesn't eliminate its contestants on the count of SMS (votes). The only factor that counts in elimination is the performance. This show was started with 13 female celebrities of glamor world of India and in every subsequent episode celebrity is being eliminated. Each episode contains two dares, first one is for immunity and second one is for elimination. The dares are really horrible sometimes (especially when it include some wild creatures).

Yesterday in it's 14th dare, Yana Gupta has been eliminated. From the beginning of the show, she was awesome and performing each and every task brilliantly. She always used to come forward to take initiative in every dare and offered herself to do it first. There is a certain advantage if you are not first to do any dare. Because you can learn from other's mistakes (attempts) and make your strategies. But She had this advantage rarely. Also if you see the stunt she performed yesterday (in which, she was eliminated), she did that brilliant. Tana was very confident and did that superb and better as compared to all other contestants. But she just missed the target which doesn't scale your Fear Factor, the theme of the show. I am sharing the videos and now you decide yourself.

Again as the task demanded, 3 contestants were failed to qualify but Yana was named as failure :(. Yana was always my first choice to win this show but as she is out now, I hope on Aditi and Anita to win the show.