Now a days, I am not getting enough time to write something serious because of the increased workload in office. Though I was busy for the complete day, I created a favicon for my blog. it's easy and just 2 minute process. For those who don't know what a favicon is... favicons are defined as tiny pieces of art you’ll usually find in your browser’s address bar or when searching through your bookmarks. Favicons are important as they provide visual indicators to visitors and help them to easily associate the content with a bookmark in their browser. Besides, favicons are just nice to look at and there are way too many sites which don’t make use of them. We like to change things. Creating favicons is easy; I created a favicon on my own using a tool.

Please notice the light blue tiny icon before URL in the address bar. Here is a bigger version of the favicon I created...

If you want to create a favicon and add to your site or blog, it's easy. Please go to, spend 2 minutes and a favicon of your choice is ready :-)

Note: These favicons (created like this) work in all browsers except Internet Explorer 7.0.