My brother got married exactly four months back in Feb. It was a love marriage and Bhai-Bhabhi share a strong bond for each-other. On some random day, Bhai had set the photo of a girl in his Gtalk and the girl was nothing less than beautiful. My notorious mind came up with an idea to tease Bhabhi and following was the short discussion between me and Bhabhi:

3:05 PM me: Dekho bhaia ne kisi ladki ka photo laga rakha hai :|
3:06 PM Bhabhi: haan yuvika naam hai
actress hai
ab tv mein bhi aa rahi hai
3:07 PM me: Poori enquiry rakhti ho aap :)
Bhabhi: dekha
And all of you can imagine that how my brother would have been enquired before this discussion. So guys, if you are among those whose marriage bells are going to ring soon, be prepare for a life like this :)

PS: Kya aaj ghar par khana milega :P