U call it love when u c sum boy/girl and u find them the best of all (actually it’s the likeness of personality)
I cant help u if your love comes and you still feel the same.

U call it love when u wanna give them ur mobile number (actually its fun of increasing ur buddy list)
It may be true, if you just wanna to publicize ur number and doesn't want to talk to him/her. What if you always wanna talk to that person?

U call it love when u impress them by ur funny and decent gestures (actually its nothing but the preparation of taking part in acting)
What if you are ready to do anything just to see a smile on his/her face?

U call it love when u wait to c smile on their faces (its just to make ur self happy that ur not too bad to receive a happy face towards u)
We want some faces never to smile (Sadist me...)

U call it love when u get jealous when u find them laughing or talking with sum one else but not u. (actually it’s the enmity)
What if I address it as a possessive case?

U call it love when wait to get cool remarks from them about ur dressing or style (actually it’s ur habit of hearing lies)
What if you always want the good remarks only from someone special and don't give a damn to others?

U call it love when u r alone in car and wanna sum1 next to u (actually its ur fear of staying alone )
What if you feel alone in the crowd it sum1 is not around?

u call it love when u want some person and he/she calls u at the same time (actually it’s a friend in need concept)
What if you expect the same person everytime ur phone rings?