Finally, I started hitting the gym again. Though it was pending since long, my laziness didn’t allow me to go there. But today was the evening; I dominated over Mr. Lazy…

  • 1.6 Kms over treadmill
  • 510 strides
  • 3 rounds of dumbbells
  • A little weight-lifting
And a shower full of life, that was all on my come-back day of the gym.

It feels really great after having a workout and then back to work. You feel fit and refreshed physically as well as mentally. Though I targeted much more on this come-back day especially on the treadmill but I’m happy with all I’ve done.

I just want to finish with that I had the feeling in my last steps on the treadmill as I wanted to run forever, no matter where… I didn’t know where my legs were hitting the m/c but I wanted to do that forever. This was the same feeling after I danced for 70-80 minutes non-stop in my brother’s Baraat. At that time also, I was so much in the celebration that I didn’t know what I was doing but just dancing and dancing. Though I never dance in parties or Baraats but it was like, I was not able to refrain from dancing.

Hope, I will make it (Gym) regular to achieve the same feeling daily.