If I am a hypocrite because I draw my salary from the Parliament of India and I still criticise India for the excesses in my state - so be it.”…” I have an uncle who more often than not I disagree with but I admire the conviction he has - he disagrees with what happened in 1947 and subsequent events and so refuses to carry a passport.” –Omar Adbullah, National Conference president in his blog

“Shah Rukh is licking my feet and I am feeding him biscuits every now and then. What more can I ask for?” Aamir Khan in his blog

Amitabh’s comparison of himself with Shahrukh in his blog

All this are indicating that blogging is becoming a new mantra for celebrities to remain in news. If there is no other reason to be in news, so what??? Write a spicy blog entry which draws everyone’s attention and you won’t suffer any dilemma of running out of publicity. Today, when there are less news about politics or glamour world (Bollywood) because of IPL and Jaipur blasts, people found new tricks to remain in news. All the chaos started after Big B started his Big Blog. Aamir woke up from a long sleep to update his blog…Omar Abdullah started a blog and there may be many other celebrities who have started their blog but they still owe to have a much hyped entry.

Is blog for all this controversy or for the mud-splashing on each other? I thought that a blog is for expressing what one thinks or to share knowledge or for anything but articulated view to gain publicity or political advantage. Are we doing the right things by writing these types of blogs? Are these entry targeted to tell the truth to world? Is there no motive for gaining fake publicity? What ever the answer to these questions but one thing is sure that blogging is rapidly gaining popularity for attracting publicity…