Look at the scoreboard at the top and you will feel that cricket is no longer a game between two teams but it is spreading it’s wing to accommodate three teams in a single match. And ironically poor Kolkata Knight Riders didn’t get a chance to bat but they just had to bowl Banglore Royal Challengers followed by Delhi Daredevils. You don’t need to look at this post with puzzled eyes and neither need to Google for ICC new rules. What all you need to do is just to open sports page of ‘Times of India’, May 14th 2008, New Delhi edition and everything will get cleared to you.

I am writing this post not to criticize TOI editors for this single mistake but to open their eyes (as if they are reading this post) towards the increasing mistakes (read blunders) day by day. I generally read just Sports page along with Front page and sometimes have a glimpse of Business pages also and thanks to TOI editors, I daily encounter a lot of TYPOs.

Let’s have a look at some more mistakes in that very article mentioned above.

“With local lad LR Shukla doing the star turn in the end, picking up three overs in the only over he got.”

“Ishant Sharma went for 11 in the next over, orange cap-holder Gautam Gambhir doing the damage, but the belligerent southpaw was Akhtar’s next victim.”

Unfortunately, I missed yesterday’s match and assumed that Delhi will win it for sure after a heart throbbing bowling performance. When I woke up in the morning the news that Delhi lost was waiting with this type of article and an awesome scoreboard.

Thanks TOI, you taught us how to make guesses every time a TYPO (may be a deliberate one) occurs in your articles.