It isn't very long since I finished another novel by Preethi Nayar, "100 Shades of white", and I found it too good to avoid. The writing style is totally different from my earlier readings and I found it quite interesting. It never happened that I got attached with the book in first few pages but this was how I felt with this one. Altogether it’s a book which needs time, you can’t read it on a jet speed but if you want to really enjoy the book, you need to give time to it.

It's the story of a woman, who struggles from her birth to her entire life. It's the story of a woman who calls her son as her brother for her entire life. It's the story of a woman who is always in search of peace and truth. It’s the story of a man who agrees on 50000 pounds for not seeing his children again. It's the story of a boy who becomes responsible in very early age. It's the story of unconditional love as well as false love. It’s the story of rain, the pickles and the attachment of spices and cookery art with emotions in life.

This is a story, which teaches us to forgive, which teaches us to show/feel gratitude. On the other hand, it teaches us anger and hate too but later it washes away all the stains of anger and hate with gratitude and love. This is the story to show acceptance. This story tells us that life never punishes us but teaches us to let go, let go of all our fears or fears will become us. This is the story full of emotions, emotions of a daughter, a brother, a mother, a wife, a man who handle all situations carefully, a man who know how to handle the truth and a man who is coward and many others.

When I was reading this, people kept asking what you were reading those days and when I told them that I was reading '100 shades of white' by Preethi Nayar, everyone of them used to make faces. Though most of them were avid readers, none had heard the name of the book or author earlier. But I really loved this novel and suggest everyone to read this.