Hmm, I prepared a list of 10 worst things that can happen to anyone and are not in your control. Most of these are derived from personal experience and some from other’s experiences too :) I didn’t include the work related stuff in that and too personal stuff coz I wanted to keep it as light as possible. Also there is no ranking so every point carries an equal weightage.

1. It’s the first rain of the season; you go out to enjoy the rain. It stops raining in 2 minutes leaving you half drenched.

2. Your best friend’s marriage, wanna capture some moments. You click only to find discharged batteries.

3. Missing a train/movie coz of traffic jam.

4. It’s Sunday... Ind-Pak final in some multi-nation cricket series and cable-waala-bhaia is all set to ruin your sunday.

5. Crossing a red light, wanna give thulla a tough look but your bike runs out of fuel at the same time.

6. A tough day in office, waana have a shower... find hot water coming out in month of June.

7. You wake up at 6:00 AM hearing ring of your cell only a find a cust-care executive at other end.

8. You are looking for your cell everywhere... not able to find it :( finally you find out that you are talking on your cell.

9. It’s 3:00 AM, you are in deep sleep...suddenly you feel thirsty, walk to the refrigerator, pour in some water... only to find that it was squash bottle.

10. Having a bath...applied soap all over your face and body... shower denies to continue.