Hello Readers,

I have created a survey, please spend 1 minute of your time to fill this survey. Don't worry, you need not to give any information of yours. Please be honest while taking this survey.

Once you are done with the survey, please read the following intent behind it.

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I am thinking about an initiative to create some new jobs for unemployed and under privileged people.

  • A new business with minimal investment
  • Creating new jobs w/o eating up some other jobs
  • With these people's skill set, very hard to find a socially high status job w/o much investment.
  • 3 steps:
    1. Collect shoes from houses
    2. Wash/Polish those
    3. Return back to houses (collect payment)
  • Since minimal initial investment, so no worries if idea fails.

Another concern is that people should not feel that they are donating their money to someone and intended employees should not look for free lunches. I am looking for this survey's result to make a call for starting this kind of service.

If you convince with the idea and want to help these guys, who generally starve 20 days a month. Please propagate this survey to your friends. It will be very helpful to get as many responses as possible.

If you think that there are better ways to fulfill the objective, please share.