1. Driving with my car's windows rolled down & my elbow on the door.

2. Eating something and not to brush my teeth before going to sleep so that I can enjoy the taste if sleep denies to come.

3. Walking in the rain.

4. All types of Hindi movies and most of the Hindi songs. Also love Animations, romantic and action movies. Don't like period dramas.

5. Anytime, I can have "Mexican Green Wave" with cheese crust and "Gralic Breads" with "Cheese Dip" from Dominos.

6. I never used to like "Arhar ki Dal" and "Gobhi ki Sabzi" and "momos", but now these are among my favorites.

7. Solving puzzle, YES: mind blenders and not-to-mention Jigsaws.

8. I love drying my hairs and body under the fan after having a bath(this caused me fever on several occasions).

9. Watching Cricket and Tennis, if nothing interesting is there on TV, I like watching old matches. I usually like all kind of sports which keep tickling the scoreboard like Cricket, Tennis, TT etc... Football, Hockey, adventurous sports falls in the 2nd spot.

10. Hanging out with my friends