This is the first post of this month and is dedicated to my friends in office, with whom I spend the most of my time. We have lunch together, have after-lunch-walk together and we go to each others cubicles if we want to spend some free time. We hang out together for shopping, for movies, lunch/dinner, having momos, having Pizzas etc etc... If someone of us feels low, his/hers first choice for immediate concern is the cubicle of one of below mentioned persons. You can say that there is an unspoken bonding that develops with time. For example, there is a uncommitted commitment between Bhavya and me to put comments on other's blog. I used to put regular comments not only on Bhavya's blog but also on Chaya's, Bhatti's and Abhinav's.

Here I'm presenting the most frequent and favourite dialogues of the group members:

Hopefully, you will find my dialogues in comments...

shut up...
Mujhe pata hai, mujhe pata hai... (with her hand raised in the air and jumping simultaneously)
Bas, ab yeh ghar jaayege... (whenever someone just touches her collection of soft toys)

Akaaaaash... (with a feeling of helplessness)
You are disgusting... (mainly to Abhinav and me)
I'm not talking to you... (again to Abhinav and me)

Harkatein mat karo... (whenever someone disturbs him)
Yaar, mujhe jabardasti pila di... (:P)

... (read silence)
LOGIC (Oh my God, this girl is always ready with her logic)

Grrrr... (Whenever someone irritates him)
Aaj Harbhajan (or any other tailender) century maarega... (whenever India showcases its worst batting performances)

Abe use disturb mat karo... (whenever someone talks to Sandy on lunch table)

Aisi baatein Majak me bhi nahi kehte hai... (:P)

pata nahi yaar... (most of her sentences starts with this line)
Aaaaaaaahhhhhh... (I bet she can scream louder than anyone else :D)