When it comes down to the wire, there are frayed nerves, trembling hands and palpitating hearts. One who is able to conquer and rise above these emotions walks away with his head held high, experiencing an adrenaline surge which will be remembered by that individual for a long time to come, if not for ever. For 11 gentlemen on the field, the last ball of the final match between India and Pakistan in T-20 world cup 2k7 will be narrated over and over again for eons to come. And for Misbah-Ul-Haq, the scar will probably never heal.

Last year on this day, India won first ever T-20 world cup and created history. This match was special not only because of its heart throbbing climax but also for other reasons:

  • It was a match between two arch-rival India and Pakistan. Every match between these two teams is special but this was extra special being the final of first ever T-20 world cup.
  • The last match between these two teams (league match in same tournament) ended in the most exciting manner in T-20 history.
  • These were the 2 teams, which were out in the first round in ICC ODI world cup earlier in the same year.
Audience always expect a great piece of game every time these two teams face each other on field and this match wasn't a exception. This match saw many shifts in its lifetime but finally it was India which kept their cool and ended on the top of the world.

Today is the first anniversary of India's historical win. Let's recall those ravishing moments of jubilation, moments of celebration and moments of history in the making and hope to continue the trend in upcoming world cups.