I am following a new reality show - India's Got Talent on colors since last few days. And I am bound to say that this is a show, which actually provides a platform to everyone to show his/her/their talent to the world. Some of you may argue that this is nothing but a copy of Got Talent series, but this doesn't lower the praise, it deserves.

Today, I was watching a repeat telecast of the show, in which a band came on stage for performance. Here 'Band' means no rock band or something but one of the bands, which are their in Indian Baaraats. And that band truly rocked the stage. Some of the best words came out of Kiran Kher's mouth: "Shaadiyon me, everybody concentrates on bride-groom and ignores the talent of these guys", she broke out when the band was performing. I don't think that any other show can give this kind of freedom to everyone.

This was just one example; I have seen multiple extra-ordinary and unusual performance on this stage. And most of those talents were almost obsolete or under-status arts. This is the show, watching which you will not only get entertained but also come to know about various arts hidden in different parts of India.

I have just few words to say: "INDIA HAS REALLY GOT TALENT."

PS: Watch here, here and here to get a feel, what kind of talents this show is nurturing. There are many other interesting videos with these links.