Yeah, I’m eagerly waiting for next 3 days to finish ASAP and the live event of assembling world’s largest jigsaw to start. Yes, I will be there and that too not as a participant but as an honoured guest :) The marketing agency Ogilvy, creator of stay-sharp campaign, invited our group to help the participants of the winners of online competition. Also we will meet Royce, the creator of that master piece LIFE. For the uninitiated, we (a group of 18 members) carry a world record of being the first group to assemble world’s largest jigsaw puzzle without break. This achievement is recognized by ‘Limca Book of Records’ and will be publish in this year’s record book. We were also the first group to solve that puzzle in India and first group to complete all the five related puzzles. For a detailed story, pleases refer here and here.

So when Ogilvy thought of this campaign, it contacted us and asked us if we are available to help the contestants. The puzzle hungry people of this group are always ready so they accepted the offer unanimously. Now the online stuff is finished, 10 jigsaw masters have been recognised, and the only thing left is to wait for 3rd july to kick-start the event. Though this puzzle is not as difficult as we did earlier for the world record but still it’s a great challenge to solve that in a public area under a lot of chaos.

I am very excited to meet Royce and the 10 puzzle masters at the moment. Hope the wait to be over soon.

Come on LIFE, we are coming again to live a LIFE by giving you a LIFE :)