“No dad, don’t leave it”, I screamed... “I won’t son; you look in the front and pedal properly”. I concentrated to the front while asking dad continuously not to leave the seat... I pedalled, pedalled, and came forward a long way and when I turned back; I saw dad smiling, standing way behind... He left the seat and that was how I learnt bicycle.

This was just one of the many occasions, dad helped me learning things. He taught me, listened to me patiently, scolded me, slapped me and showed examples to me in my journey to life. Sometimes, I liked it sometimes I didn’t. The things I liked, I didn’t care but for things I didn’t like I thought that dad was rude. But now, few years down the line, when I look back I realise that the things, I didn’t like, matter most in my life. If I gave my ears to dad at that time, I could be a better human being.

I just want to thank you dad, thank you for everything, you gave us (me and my siblings)... Thank for your hard work to earn a better life for your children... thank for your love... thank for your concern... thank for cutting your need to fulfil ours... thank for your learning... thank for your pating my back... thank for your criticism... thank for your understanding.. thank for your caring and thank for everything I missed out here.