Finally, I watched this long awaited flick Tahaan. I wanted to watch this long back but couldn’t find it anywhere. Last week when Shagun was in Noida, I grabbed its CD from Planet-M and all set to watch this long-awaited-item-on-must watch-list.

This is the story of a kid named Tahaan (means Raham-Dil) and his friend Birbal. At least you find it like this in first half. Did I mention that Birbal is a Donkey; Tahaan’s father brought it for Tahaan. The story starts when Tahaan’s family had to sell Birbal to a Delivery man in order to pay debts. But Tahaan wasn’t ready to leave Birbal this easily, so he went to the delivery man and start working for him. The tale progresses as Tahaan always looks for a way to take Birbal back with him. Purav Bhandare did a good job in Tahaan’s role and Anupam Kher is as good as always in the role of delivery man.

But, the story takes a turn when Tahaan lost all hopes to get Birbal back and was moving back to his house. A guy met him on the way and told him that he could get Birbal back but he had to do some work for him in return. Since Tahaan was ready to get his friend back on any cost, he admitted. Tahaan was given a bomb to deliver from one place to another. Not knowing that it was a bomb, innocent boy hid that among apples and passed all the check-posts. But finally, when he was told to throw the bomb in a crowded place, he realized the fact. This scene has been shot beautifully and clearly shows the tides in the ocean of his mind.

Finally, you heart starts pounding when you imagine the result. Watch the movie to find out what he did. Apart from normal story telling, tis movie shows the friendship between human and animals, this shows the innocence of a child, this shows how small kids are misguided and turned in terrorists, this shows the great scenery of Kashmir, this shows how a miser delivery man cares for a kid (who want to take his donkey back) and this shows why people prefer to live in isolation over refuse camps.

Ultimately this movie is virtue and one shouldn’t miss it.