Yesterday, unusually I reached home early and got a chance to cook. Though it was not a pre-decided one but thanks to our drinking water supplier… He didn’t supply water bottle for the day so there was no chance to cook normal food as it requires water. The only option was either to order something or to show some extra guts… I cashed the opportunity to show my cookery talents :)

The task was to bake a PIZZA and I accepted the challenge quite enthusiastically. Thanks to my sweet Bhabhi for chopping all the required vegetables and grinding cheese for me. Now the only thing left is to spread the toppings over base and put it in microwave and get full credit for preparing dinner :). Thank God, this time I didn’t spread sauce over the base (it is intentional, Chipu must be smiling...). Now the biggest hurdle was to pass 10 BIG minutes and we passed this hurdle by making a video of rotating circular disk with diameter ‘2Z’ and thickness ‘A’ in microwave.

10, 9, 8, 7, ...... 2, 1 and it is ready, Yummy…… Though the other side of base was not baked up yo the mark, it was certainly much better than the PIZZAs which we had in lunch the day before yesterday at PAPA JOHNS. Here is a pic for you guys to appreciate my cookery talent: