I'll try to keep this post a small one as my previous posts are just gaining size one over another.

"Skinny, skinny, skinny", don't SCREAM... today we can see all around the girls chasing size '0' figure at any cost. Everybody is a victim of size '0' syndrome these days. If the women are in question they always wanted to have waif like figure. But there is something that shrunk the men also. WHY??? Everybody is vanishing (Oops!!! shrinking), it was not long back when the masculine ideal was a buff 6-footer with six-pack abs, the man of the moment is an urchin, a wraith or an underfed runt :o

What if U meet someone naturally thin? My best friend has a waist that is no where matches the waist of a normal or THIN man, though he can beat many figure freak gals in waist size competition. So one day Mr. Siz'O (read SIZE O) decided to shop. We moved every store in every mall to find trousers which can attract his kind attention. So after a lot of unsuccessful efforts, when I made my mind to go for any road size MONDAY/ TUSEDAY...markets to get a trouser for him, by the grace of Almighty, we managed to get a trouser which got the admittance of Mr. Siz'O. But it was a bit loose on his waist. We asked the salesperson to get a measure of MY BEST FRIEND's waist and it came 28 (Basically it was less than 28 but on ROUNDING UP, it come out to be 28). And after that we were there only to hear that "Sorry sir, we don't have waist-28 trousers in our stores". I felt like #@**#, what are u doing in this world Siz'O, why don't you start ur own brand for size 24/26/28 man. Good, so is he following the latest trend or trends following him?
(Confession: Siz'O is not running to get ultra thin figure, he has done his best to gain some fat but all in vain...)

All the upcoming size 'O' models for God's sake, please help urself to get rid of size '0' plague. How the moral panics treat ur target. Apparently, women and now men still cannot think for themselves. Hello, human liberation? Voice of reason, where did you go?