Yesterday, when I was in the office, a story was coming in my mind again and again. It was a Hindi story published in my college magazine “SRIJAN”. Since I like it a lot, I thought to share it with you. I tried to pen it down in English but since I am not so good at writing and also it was a translation from Hindi to English, I lost the touch of the story. Don’t worry; I am attaching a scan copy of the actual story with the post so that you can have a look at the original work and appreciate the thoughts of story writer. I want to apologize to the readers who can not understand Hindi so well, but you understand that masterpieces are not to be translated.

Before sharing it with you guys, let me thank the story writer Rohini Jain(that time (March, 2005) the girl was in B.Tech. 2nd yr, branch IT at MNNIT, Allahabad), so be ready for a overwhelming experience….

PS: I hope it doesn’t have a copyright :). It is my sincere request to you all to leave your impressions, if you like the story. A good work should always be appreciated.