So finally I created a Blog, but why??? There may be several reasons and I still need to find out why I did this... Some of the possibilities:

1) Just for having a blog
2) For social networking
3) For improving my writing skills
4) To earn money
5) Blah blah blah...

Honestly I don't know, why I am introducing another blog in this crowded world but here it is. I don't know what to post here, how often will I write and most importantly why...As the title says that I am always confused so the pattern continues...

Yet again a late move or U can say it an unwanted move...please somebody tell me why we never get the mailID, blogname of our first choice...Oops I should say 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th ..........choice. But finally U have to agree on a name. Adjustments adjustments adjustments...why we always need to agree on a compromise? But if U still choose a name with which u r a bit satisfied then someone comes and tell U that U sud have SIMPLE name... SIMPLE???
Now tell me who all notice the URL..nice name na, a result of compromise, what the F***.
U know what is this, this is the code we need to enter for verification and now I'm in LOVE with this name, rather I've to.

Ok, enjoy this(you have to enjoy this) and please if anyone have an idea why blogs are thr and what to write, please let me know...Let me hope a lot of suggestions, it is always good to read people suggestions and incorporate them or not to incorporate but it is always good to listen to what others think :)

Date: 24th March 2008
Because of suggestions from a lot of people, I am changing the URL from www.nbqpprak.blogspot.com to http://akashthoughts.blogspot.com/, so please don't get confused by this post...