Yes, U folks guessed it right; it is about the slap whose echo will be heard in Cricket stadiums for a long time. Yeah, unfortunately this was between our own Bhajji and Sreesanth. The former loves to remain in news every time for controversies and the later is always in news for his on-field (OVER) aggression.

So it was (NOT) a fine evening when Mohali was celebrating their first win in IPL against Mumbai. All the cameras were capturing the celebration of Mohali team members, Pretty Preity and others. Suddenly the yelling Sree started flashing on TV screens and the whole equation changed. Some time later the news came that Bhajji slapped Sree after the match. What may be the reason for this? Okay, whatever the reasons were, have a look at the statements that became the headlines afterwards:

Harbhajan: “Everything has been sorted out between us. He is like a younger brother to me and I have spoken to him after the match was over last night."

Sreesanth: “It was just a shake-hand in the wrong place. Bhajji is like elder brother to me and he has all the right for what he has done.”

But will there be the same atmosphere as earlier in indian dressing room when the duo will share it? May be the players want to bury the issue but the shock waves of the slap reverberate the entire cricket world. Whether it’s Australia or South Africa, reactions came from everywhere and the Indian Cricket is at the target of allL. Now the Australians again started claiming that Bhajji called Symonds a “MONKEY” and the gentlemen Proteas also started poisoning agaist Sreesanth and Bhajji.

Let’s have a look at the damage, this incident brought with it. Harbhajan has been banned for 11 matches in IPL and came under scanner of BCCI and ICC. BCCI is also not in a mood to let Harbhajan go clean time and all set to ban him for some internationals also. The BCCI, it seems, is tired of backing Harbhajan and the countless controversies he has been involved in, and slapping Sreesanth was simply the last straw. On the other hand, IPL official may have left Sree with just a warning but he is also under scanner and to get control on his over aggression on field. In monetary terms, this incident costs Harbhajan Rs 2.67 crore. Mr. Turbanator stands to lose Rs 2.671 crore -- or close to Rs 25 lakh per match -- for the 11 outings he will miss.

Does the damage occur for the players only? No... It's for the indian cricket. In past Shoaib Akhtar was very much in news for hitting his coach and team-mate and there were a lot of debates over that, what now? Think, if there was a foreign player in place of Sree, what a crap it could make. Earlier the EPL was famous for their supporter for the most violent reactions but that also didn't involve fellow players. This incident broke all the barriers and a ban of 11 IPL matches is the all he has to pay. Is the punishment enough or Bhajji has to suffer more? Not only Bhajji but also Sreesanth should get some treatment.

So, please think again before slapping someone now onwards.