Some days back, I was traveling with Delhi Metro from 'Vishwa Vidyalaya' to 'Indraprastha'. In my way near Indraprastha metro station, there came WHO building and I was surprised to see that behind this building there is one of the largest slum of NCR. Attach is a screen shot taken from Wikimapia.
I was shocked that an organization, which is supposed to be the biggest caretaker of people's health, is carrying a big slum with it. An agency, whose objective is the attainment by all peoples of the highest possible level of health, is not able to see the developing insalubrious condition of all age groups. If this agency can't take care of its own surroundings, how can it make people believe on it?

Let's hope that WHO will do something for the health of people in this slum and not only in this slum but also in other slums all over the world.