Yesterday, Abhinav and I were in office restroom and no one else was there. There are 7-8 urinals in our office restroom and we occupied urinals at a gap of around 4 urinals between us. Suddenly inquisitive Abhinav started a conversation about restroom etiquettes. We both were discussing that no two persons should occupy adjacent urinals in restroom and to our surprise just then one person came and took the exact middle urinal between us. So this theory was being strengthened but just after that Neeraj and Mr.X stepped in, took adjacent urinals and started talking so loud... now what else to say...

After then I researched and found some informative/funny videos for that... The first one is particularly for taking adjacent urinals and the other one is for complete male restroom etiquettes. If you go to youtube and read comments below second video clip, it would be fun. Please read comments specially those from ladies, I'm copying some comments from below the video, have fun reading those ?

Complete Male Restroom Etiquettes:

Some Comments:

  • wow being a girl, this is definitely not the same with us. lol we talk and talk and this is definitely not going to end the world.
  • LMFAO!! This is soooo freaking funny!!!!! Wow... girls openly talk when in the washroom... we'll even ask them to pass some toilet paper if we're out...
  • they should have a book on this people should abide by these rules im talking to u! people who stare when standing next to me!!!
  • When only one urinal is available, I usually stand back and arc into the urinal from about six feet back. This provides the necessary symmetry. When all are unoccupied, I stand in the same place, but spray evenly back and forth. When there is a line, it is acceptable to use ONE of the sinks as a urinal.
  • ok you know how you NEED to stare straight forward the whole time? we'll I was in a bathroom that had polished metal tiles by the urinals the were like mirrors.we need a rule book for the construction of restroom.