Look at the above presentation and you will get to know what I'm going to talk about. It's about the much hyped case of Mehtas who want to abort their 6 month old fetus because the baby will be born with a terminal illness. By looking at this presentation you may think that I'm going to advocate the decision of the court. No, I am playing neither for Mehtas nor against them. It's an open question what one should do in such case and how the court listen to this.

NOTE: This is to be cleared that court didn't know about the clerical error as admitted by hospital later. In its first report, the hospital had said that there "are very fair chances" that Niketa Mehta's child would be born incapacitated and handicapped. They meant to say there "there are very few chances" according to Dr Subnis.

Let me ask you guys how many of you want an incapacitated baby. Raise your hands if you like to have a baby who is to be put on respirator just after its birth. Having babies are always good but ask those parents whose babies are suffering from any fatal disease. Their baby may die or may survive but those parents die every minute until the baby is declared out of danger. So getting a baby who has very rare chances of survival is correct or not especially for those parents who can't afford the cost of treatment.

According to rules in India, you can't get abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy. An embryo converts into fetus much before than 20 weeks so shouldn't be allowed to get an abortion before 20 weeks also. In many countries you can get an abortion if either mother's or baby's life is in danger. Finally Mehtas have to give birth to their child. Let's pray for good health of baby and mother.

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