I was very excited about new iPhone 3G and was all set to purchase it. One of my friends is in US these days on an official trip and I asked him to get me one. I was very happy that I will own an iPhone very soon. But what all I got to know was nothing but sad. This time, Two-year contract from AT&T is required to get an iPhone 3G and this contract is all set to make iPhone users bankrupt. In the initial version of iPhone, no such contract was mandatory and anybody could easily get an iPhone without AT&T contract. Aware of various softwares used for unlocking iPhones , Apple and AT&T this took this step. This step has shattered dreams of many to get an iPhone and I am one of those :(

Though iPhone is much cheaper this time than its initial version this contract made it out of reach of many probable customers. IPhone 3G costs $199 for *GB (Black) and $299 for 16GB (Black/white). In addition to this let's have a look at AT&T different plans for 3G iPhone:

Despite these expensive plans, there is no fall in demand of new iPhone and there is a huge wating on iPhone delivery after purchasing. There are versions available to have an iPhone without AT&T contract but those are too expensive. If you want to use the iPhone with your own mobile provider all you have to do is pay the price of an unsubsidized iPhone. You can purchase the iPhone 3G without a contract. How much will the iPhones cost. The 8GB is available for $599 and the 16GB will be available for $699.

Also despite the best efforts of Apple and AT&T, it appears that the latest version of the iPhone has been unlocked via the same method as used on the original iPhone. To know how, please follow this link.

If anyone knows, Please let me know the way to get an iPhone-3G without AT&T contract and that too on subsidized price.