Yesterday night, I was in a mood of early sleep but I cudn't. I tried hard to put myself to sleep ASAP but cudn't succeed. So at around 12:30 AM, I opened my laptop and typed down the hardest year (200-2001) of my life. I thought of posting it here but later I felt that it was to personal to be here. Today I saw an utility on the web to create wordles of your text and I converted that text in a wordle. I am posting that wordle here as it was injustice to myself if I don't put anything here regarding that. Though it's a very difficult job to make anything out of that but still I can console myself for not posting that post here. Those, who know me well and are aware of struggle, can certainly make things out of it. So here it is:

Other than this I also generated a Text Statistics for that text which is here:

I did also generate a word cloud but it will be too bulky to put here as reflected from Text Statistics shown above.