No, I ain't not talking about any of those exciting IPL matches... Instead, it's related to a board game LUDO. I was playing ludo with bhabhi the other day and trailing :-( And then what happened was just unbelievable, I rolled seven sixes in a row. At that time I felt like Sachin hitting 7 sixes in a row to move India towards an impossible win.

Everyone was stunned to see those 7 sixes in a row and bhabhi started arguing that we should cancel 6 sixes and only one six should be considered valid. You might know that if one gets 3 consecutive sixes in ludo they get canceled. On the same ground, bhabhi was arguing to cancel first 6 sixes and considering only last six as valid. But that time bhai was considered for his consent and he has given his decision in my favor :)

Ultimately, it was a close game and I won just by a ONE.