“I want real India, poor people, hungry people”, remember this dialogue from a tourist in ‘MunnaBhai MBBS’? Though it may sound a little harsh, it is the truth about our country. It may be true that we are among world leaders in terms of GDP (gross domestic product), that we are 4th in terms of GMV (Global Manufacturing Value). We may be the 12th largest economy in the world (as per as the World Bank 2007 report) or at fourth position in terms of purchasing power. It might have been predicted that India will be the 2nd largest economy by 2050. We may be the world leader in software services and in many other fields. But hold on, still there is high economic disparity with rich getting richer and poor getting poorer as its per capita income is very low. A large percentage of our population is still below poverty line (25% as per CIA report).

Since Bhabhi is not at home, I was at a food stall to get our lunch packed. When a woman with her small kid came and asked for food. Initially, I didn’t notice but when she kept standing there for 15-20 minutes and her kid started looking at people’s plate with hungry eyes, I could not help myself and buy them a rice plate. Very soon, I found myself surrounded by a bunch of these people, everyone asking for food. Clearly, I couldn’t fulfill all the demands, so I ignored them. We were trapped in a similar situation while our Vaishno Devi trip, when Shikha offered her glass of milk to a street kid.

What is the reason of this type of situations? Do these guys do anything to avoid such situations or they just do this stuff daily? One reason, I can see, is the population of our country. India shares only 2 % of world’s GDP but we have more than 16 % of the world population. In turn we have a very low per capita income and these situations arrive. Still our government isn’t taking any move to avoid such circumstances.

Another reason is ignorance; most of these guys think children as the blessing of the GOD and believe in having as many children as possible. When we were looking for a slum for our community service, I asked one of the residents that how many children he has. I was almost fainted after hearing his answer, the answer was SIX. “Do you think that you are able to take care of them”, I asked, he tossed a grin back in reply. So guys, let’s come together and educate these people of the advantage of a small family.

PS: I have also seen many highly educated families, which carry on making babies until a boy arrives.