On looking at the current political and social situation, these lines came instantly in my mind:

कोई अशर्फी बाँट रहा है, तो कोई हाथ काट रहा है,
नानक-कबीर के देश में देखो, नेता, जनता को बाँट रहा है,
कोई हारा महंगाई से, किसी को जूता कांट रहा है,
क़त्ल हजारों करके कसाब, मुर्ग-मुस्सलम चांट रहा है|

Line 1: Various incidents of contestants distributing money to attract voters are reported during general election 2009.
Line2: Hate speeches, made by many politicians during general election 2009.
Line 6: Numerous shoe attacks on political leaders.
LIne 7-8: 26/11 Mumbai attacks accused Kasab demanded for chicken and other facilities in Jail.