"Let's advance the advanced mathematics class."

Do you feel an awkward construction in it? If yes then a better South Asian version available for you:

"Let's PREPONE the advanced mathematics class."

Those who find the later is a better sentence might be surprised to know that PREPONE is not a valid English word but a clever invention by Indian English speakers. It is used so commonly in Indian English that it comes so natural to our tongues that we can never imagine that we are using a non-English word so frequently.

Thanks to Reader's Digest, Nov 2004 issue (which I found at my home, don't know from where), that taught me so commonly used HINGLISH words.

According to Washington State University site, following definition is present for 'prepone':

Other commonly used HINGLISH words (I learned in that article), which don't have a place in English are:

Dias: Actual word is DAIS (day-iss), I don't think any Indian presenter uses right word, even IIM-director uses Dias.

Advance: Generally people say 'Advance Course...' but actually it is 'Advanced course...' (I'm glad that I knew it :-))

Memento: Derived form Memory. Everybody pronounces it as MOMENTO and so spells it like MOMENTO (Thanks to Bhatti, who told this to me earlier)