Have you ever seen a doctor stitching someone's wound?

When he stitches, he may seem the cruelest person on this earth and the needle seems no less than a sword. But whatever happens that time happens for your well-being. Your parted skin might be cursing the needle at that time but the needle, thread and expert hands know what they are doing. They don't care about your tears and pain but do their work with good intent. It does not bother them whether you are cursing them or praising them but they always shower their blessings on you.

So it is very much okay until you are doing something good on the cost of presenting yourself as the cruelest person on this earth. What matters is the intent not the doings. If your doings contain good intent, sooner or later those will be appreciated. But if you are faking good with wrong intent then sorry buddy, God can't save you.

Another noticeable thing is that the good work is being done by soul-less needle and thread. So whatever size, designation, fame, name you have doesn't matter what only matters is INTENT.