The exuberance of childhood can never be repeated. But those moments can be captured in beautiful portraits. I can remember some incidents of our (I and my siblings) inquisitive childhood exuberance:

Though I don't remember, I am repeatedly told that when I was a kid, I was very amazed with the electric switchboards. Once some guests visited our place and my Mom was busy attending them. Somewhere I got a metal wire and an idea came in my mind. I was ready to experiment with this metal piece and the switchboard. Since the switchboard was too high for me, I arranged a table and put a stool over it in order to reach it. Then I climbed upon the stool with the metal strip in my hand and switch on all the switches on the board. I inserted both the tips of the metal wire/strip in socket's live and neutral holes. No prize for guessing what happened next. I was thrown away with a shock and our house dipped in darkness.

Another one was when I was too small to sit properly. I was sleeping peacefully (Since I was a good child I always slept peacefully: P). Since Mom is a big tea addict, she made herself a cup of tea and sat beside me. Suddenly doorbell rang and she left to see who was at the door. Meanwhile I moved my hand in the sleep and since the cup was not very far from me, I spill a cup full of tea over me. Not long back, I had all those burn mark on my body.

This one is not with me but with my brother. It was winters and he was having a full sleeves pullover. Sometime in the evening, he complained about pain in his right hand. Mom thought that he might hit himself while playing so she put some ointment. But the situation got worse when he continuously kept complaining about his hand and started crying. As the time passed, his hand started getting pale. Till then dad had arrived and they rushed to doctor. Mr. Doctor did all the possible inspection but was clueless what had happened and why the hand was getting pale. Though he was sure that blood was not reaching in his hand but was clueless about the reason. There was nothing in the hands of poor Mom & Dad that time and they returned home. By that time it was too late and mom undid his pullover so that he can sleep. As soon as she undid his pullover, they (she and dad) were surprised to see a rubber band (used to pack sweet boxes) around his wrist which was the culprit and was preventing blood circulation.

Another one related to my other brother. When he was a kid, we were playing a game of HIDE & SEEK. In order to hide himself, he locked himself in the kitchen. Now he did this very easily but when it was the turn to come out after the game he forgot how he locked the door. After repeated instruction he was unable to unlock the door. And finally Dad had to break the door or the lock (I don’t remember what was exactly done).

There are many other incidents which can be put here. but I think that these are enough for now.