STUPID COMMON MAN, these are the words which are echoing in my mind again and again after watching this movie. This movie is embossed with an award winning performance by Naseeruddin shah. In recent past, many movies (AAMIR and MUMBAI MERI JAAN) on similar themes hit the cinema and all of them were better than its predecessor. This movie also didn't disappoint anyone; infect it gives an awesome story line and keep the audience stuck to their seats. I remember, when I saw MOMENTO, I didn't move an inch until the movie ended; same has happened with this movie also. There was something which didn't allow me to move until the movie completed.

There was an awesome performance by Naseeruddin shah and Anupam Kher and from others also. But Naseeruddin shah steals the show by his speech in the last scene. The speech deserves a standing ovation from everyone in the cinema-hall, as the character of Naseeruddin shah represents all of us. The STUPID common man is living the very similar life as described by him. Everyone of us can relate oneself with the concept of a common man in the movie.

Last but not the least, I'm not saying to follow the same path as Naseeruddin shah did, but I hope that our government will open its eyes and see what lies beneath. I could never understand the idea of capturing terrorist is and keep them in prisons only to relieve them after sometime. Some may argue that they can give you some information but does it happen actually??? There is a very nice dialogue by Anupam Kher that "Difficult kyun hoga, Humko to aadat si ho gayi hai, pehle hum jaan lagakar inhe pakadte hai. phir ek phone call aata hai par inhe chhod dete hai". There are several examples in our country which seals this. What if we can just encounter these terrorists in place of keeping them in prisons... Ok, this is an unending discussion and you are here not to read all this.

I would strongly suggest everyone to go to this movie and catch some amazing performances by every actor...