Followings are some points, which I collected for a convenient travel during my numerous journeys in Delhi metro.

1) If you are a male, don’t’ travel in the second coach. That is always the most crowded coach in any metro at any route. You will see instances when 3rd and 4th coach have plenty of empty seats and people still hang around the ladies car (first car).

2) If you have to change the metro at the same line (like you have to go to Huda City Centre but your train will terminate at Qutub Minar), step down at least 2 stations earlier to get a non-crowded metro destined to your destination.

3) Always carry a good cell phone (and ear phones) with FM and music player. Music player is important else you will die of boredom traveling underground tunnel.

4) If you are stuck in a crowded train, think numbers and count second it takes between different satiations. Don’t check your watch just count numbers in your mind. It’s really amazing; time flies.

5) If you travel the same route daily, know pattern of your route. The station at which most people step down, come near to seating area at those stations. Your chances of getting a seat increase manifolds.

6) Carry a metro card; you will really save a lot of time and money using that. It just need a security deposit of Rs 50/-

7) Last but not the least, always offer the seat to an elderly/woman if you feel they need it more than you. I bet that you will have a convenient journey till your destination. It really feels good; try it.