Matrubhoomi is a story, which draws your attention toward the consequences of decreasing sex ratio in India (true for anywhere else as well). Story starts in a village where if a newborn baby is a girl, she is drowned in a milk-pond. This practice continues and a time comes when there are men and boys everywhere and no women. No marriage has taken in this village for 15 years. Even surrounding villages have similar situation.

The story revolves around a widowed man, Ramsharan, who has 5 children (of course all boys). All these boys are either at usual marriage age or crossed that. Ramsharan is ready to give any amount of money to get his children married but unfortunately after all his efforts, he finds no girl around. Through a Pandit, Ramsharan comes to know about a beautiful girl, Kalki, in nearby village. Ramsharan pays a substantial dowry for Kalki and gets her married to all his sons. Also Ramsharan is widowed since long, he himself wants a piece of Kalki.

Then the story progresses how Ramsharan and his 5 sons shares Kalki everyday. Even though, she is raped everyday by these men, Kalki falls in love with the youngest of the lot, Sooraj, coz of his caring attitude. When others come to know that Kalki and Sooraj are in love with each other, they don’t think twice before killing their own brother. The story continues and we see more consequences of these events.

Overall, the makers raised a very sensitive issue and did justice with this. The movie obviously has some obnoxious scenes as per demand of the story. It is not a kind of a movie, which someone watches for feel-good purpose. But if you are game for meaningful cinema, Matrubhoomi is a must watch. Embellished with some great performances, Matrubhoomi forced the audience to think about the decreasing sex-ratio. If this problem continues, the day is not far when we might the reel situation turns real.