I have finished watching 127 Hours by Danny Boyle. After Slumdog Millionaire, I had very high expectations from him and he struggled to touch that barrier in 127 Hours.

It’s story of Aron, a mountain climber, who trapped under a boulder while canyoneering alone and resorts to desperate measures in order to survive. His hand comes under the boulder and he struggles to get rid of it, struggles for 127 hours to come out of the canyon. struggles for 127 hours in order to live. Finally, Aron has to cut his arm away from his body in order to get out of canyon.

Danny beautifully showed the thoughts passing through Aron’s mind while he was trapped. James Franco played Aron’s character beautifully and audiences sense the reality if someone falls in Aron’s shoes.

Still I feel that Danny fails to create the magic of Slumdog this time. One reason for that might be coz I as an Indian can connect with Slumdog more than any other subject. But I am still not seeing this movie as any candidate for Oscar. I continue wondering how this flick can reach final 10 in race for Oscars.