I was waiting at Spice crossing for Aman and Bhatti to pick me for Bhavya's marriage. When a mid-aged couple asked me for some money because they could not find any work that morning and need to feed their children.

I was in a blood bank waiting for a call to donate blood for a relative of my colleague. When someone from the waiting lot asked me why I was donating my blood. Would I get some money in exchange of my blood? If yes, he was more than ready to donate.

On both of these incidents, I was forced to think. What is the fault of these guys, if they couldn't find work to earn bread and butter for their family? What if they are well-built to work and earn? Especially in this recession time, when most of highly educated persons have lost their jobs; it's very hard for the people of this social class to find a job, that too on daily basis.

A large amount of India's population depends on daily work to earn their meal. But if they fail to find a job on a particular day, their family has to sleep with empty stomach. Can we do something for this class? Is it right to give money or food to those who ask for money because of these conditions? Can we produce sufficient number of jobs, so that no one around has to sleep without food? Or can our government do something to solve this situation?